Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I finished my 4 Anthology submissions!


  1. John Byrne did a whole double page of comics jokes in an early issue of She-Hulk, in little tiny print, parodying a common backissue seller's ad of the time. Including (from my poor memory):
    Iron Man!
    Iron Man!
    Does whatever an iron can!
    Presses pants - any size
    Keeps the pleats right in line
    Look out! There goes the Iron Man!

  2. Lol, yeah my teacher told us to draw Iron Man, but I've no idea what he looks like. So this is my interpretation of him.

  3. LMAO
    oh man
    that's good
    iron man
    you're awesome

  4. Ahahaha, those are awesome. I love the second one especially. xD

  5. Congrats on completing four (well done) submissions!
    Doing one almost drove me crazy. (Time management/juggling school, art and life are not my strong points)
    The older strips cleaned up well. But I do have to say, while the older ones are still cute, your newer stuff has jumped leaps in bounds in terms of expression and energy.
    Cute + energy=good cartooning in my book.
    Hot stuff.