Monday, February 26, 2007

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to gaze at the moon.
Every night while her mother was at work, the girl would sit by a
window and watch the moonrise. Night after night of watching alone made
the girl a little sad because she had no one to share the moon with.
She wanted very much to spend this time with her mother, but alas her
mother’s job did not allow for it.

So she continued to look at the moon every night, while her mother was
away. One particular evening, the little girl sat in front of her
favorite window, lost in her thoughts. “My mother spends all night
working at the hospital so she can provide for me,” the young girl
pondered “She must love me very much.” The girl then wondered, “How can
I show her how much I love her?” The little girl then turned her
attention back to the beautiful moon hanging in the night sky. Suddenly
she exclaimed, “I know! I’ll bring the moon to my mother!”

And so it was decided. The girl found her favorite carpetbag and packed
it with all the supplies she would need to travel to the moon. “I’ll
need a ball of string, bed springs, and an umbrella,” the little girl
said to herself. After she finished packing, she quietly slipped
outside the house and walked across the rolling fields towards the moon.
“This looks high enough,” she thought to herself when she came upon a
good-sized hill. Quickly she reached into her bag, picked out the
bedsprings, and tied them onto the bottom of her shoes. Treading
carefully, she made her way to the top of the hill and positioned
herself to jump.

“1, 2, 3, GO!” She whispered to herself as she took a great leap and
launched herself upward. The little girl had reached the top of the sky
when she started to tumble head over heels into outer space. As she
flipped silently past stars, the bedsprings slipped off her shoes
without notice. Presently she found herself head towards a very large
star. With great care, she reached out and climbed on to the star.
“Now what should I do?” the little girl wondered, “I’m still a long way
from the moon.”

Suddenly she had an idea, “I’ll ask the star! Surely he’ll take me
there.” So the young girl politely whispered to the star and the star
complied and started to fly. Tightly, she held on as they past through
a sea of stars and onwards towards the moon. Soon the star came upon
the moon. The little girl thanked the star, took out her umbrella, and
jumped off the star. As she fell, the girl opened her umbrella and
floated gently down to the moon’s surface. When she landed, she took in
her new, beautiful surroundings. Tucking her umbrella back inside her
bag, the young girl decided to take a walk to take in the view.

She walked and walked and walked for a very long time and slowly started
to realize that the moon was just entirely too big for her to take home.
With that in mind, she sat down and started to cry. It was when, she
was digging through her carpetbag for a handkerchief that the girl
realized she had lost her bedsprings. “Oh no, my bedsprings are gone!
This is horrible! Not only can I not show my mother how much I love
her, but I can’t get home either!” And so the little girl was very
upset and cried and cried and cried until she fell asleep.

“CAW! CAW! CAW!” The little girl woke up with a start when she heard
that noise. “Whatever could that be?” she muttered to herself as she
looked up at the sky. Suddenly a flock of ravens came into view and the
young girl had an idea. Politely she called up to the birds and asked
if they would mind giving her a ride home. The birds agreed and flew
down to where the little girl was standing. Quickly, she reached into
her bag, withdrew some string, and tied a piece to each of the birds.
“Okay, I’m ready!” she said and the ravens took flight. Quickly the
moon became smaller and smaller as they flew home towards earth. Sadly
the little girl thought, “I wish that there was something I could bring
my mother.” Just then she saw a tiny star headed right towards her.
She flipped open her carpetbag and snapped up the star in an instant.
Satisfied, the girl relaxed and enjoyed the rest of her journey home.

When she arrived home, the sun was just peeking over the horizon, and
her mother was standing on the porch waiting for her. After thanking
the flock of ravens, the little girl ran up to her mother and hugged
her. In great haste she told of her adventures to the moon and her
mother just smiled. Then the girl reached into her carpetbag and held
out the tiny star she had caught. “Since I couldn’t bring you the moon,
I brought you a star instead!” Gently her mother smiled, gathered her
up, and said, “You didn’t need to bring me a star to show how much you
love me. I know just how much already.”

And so things were different from then on. Once a week the little
girl’s mother would take off a night of work and spend her time with her
daughter. They would both sit in front of their favorite window and
gaze at the moon.

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