Friday, February 2, 2007

Foxtrot unicorn charlie kilo.


  1. Damn I love your comics. I love Amism.
    But one question:
    Why is your mood always sore...

  2. There are several factors involved in that.
    1) I sit all day on chair (stools) with no backs. Thus I tend to slouch.
    2) When I get stressed out (which is always) The muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back get super tense and hard. And with only icy hot and no one to rub my back, I get little relief.
    3) I spend a lot of my day walking around on concrete and that's horrible for your legs or something. So they tend to ache because the pavement doesn't give way to pressure like dirt does.
    But thanks, I'm glad you love Amism!