Tuesday, February 27, 2007


  1. NOICE.
    I love the way you draw bigfoot.
    Also, seeing the front window setup of the dorms again is like a nostalgia boot to the face. Is that O-House?

  2. I am the son, I am the heir....
    LOVE IT!!

  3. *bows and worships
    You do Grey tones really well.
    Usually when people do it it makes me wanna vomit for some reason...
    (that too much zip-a-tone syndrome)

  4. Aw, thank you Joe! I tried to keep a limited number of tones (normally I use around 2), but this one had 4. But I think it really helps with the atmosphere of the story, so I kept them :D

  5. Wicked.
    2nd page and second to last panel: I love that face XD
    Awwww ♥♥ The ending is so cute, and i like how you toned everything too.
    Oh as for the first image... Its really really awesome. I love how its got so many colors.