Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fill out, please?

1- What artist(s) do you feel my art style resembles? Why?
2- What writers(s) do you feel my writing style resembles? Why?
("Writing" meaning comics)
3- If someone asked you to describe my art style to them, how would you describe it?
4- If you had to pick something out as a trademark element of my style, what would it be?
5- If you could make me draw a comic in any genre, what type of comic would you want to see from me? Why?
6- If you had to guess who/what my 5 biggest inspirations were when I was learning to draw who/what would you guess they were? Who/what would you guess now?
7- What would you like to see more of from me in the future?


  1. ooh gimme a day or so and I'll fill this thang out.

  2. 1-
    4- I definitely think you have a "cute w/ an edge" kind of thing going on in most of your stuff that I've seen.
    5- I'd love to see you do a good solid adventure story. (Like those old duck stories, or Bone) Why? Because that little boy and the frog were intriguing as hell. Had me drooling.
    6- I don't know any specific artists but I will say you definitely have a manga influence but here's the key word: influence. You also have solid drawing skills (observational, life drawing) and it shows.
    You draw in that style and adapt it to other things all your own which is pretty awesome. Reminds me of Scott Pilgrim ( not really manga, but clearly influenced by's own new little monster)
    7- I'd like to see a comic done w/ the little Amism character in color, or even an adventure story like I mentioned earlier.