Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Here's my character designs for a Super Hero team assignment. My team was called "the Squatters." Basically they're a bunch of super losers, living in a hole in the wall (literally), battling landlords and crack whores alike. They spend their time hanging out in laundry mats and bus stops.

This is the leader, Eros Man; he hates being called Eros Boy. He can drink a whole gallon of milk at in one go, but he still vomits after drinking it.

This is the token girl, Ambrosia the Avenger; she's really bitchy and annoying. She has the ability to get really mad and she also plays the accordion

This is the "big guy," Retro Boy; he's Eros Man's cousin. Retro Boy can make really long daisy chains.

This is the comic relief, Super Cow; she's just a normal cow with no special powers. She's the reason socks go missing in the laundry.


  1. Awesome work. =D you are really good at sequential art~ ^^ And I totally love your style~!