Monday, May 29, 2006

DAME MORTEL plot synopsis

Synopsis of a 540-page story for TOKYOPOP
By Amy Donohoe

The story begins with two assassins meeting after both arriving to hit Monsieur McGee, a wealthy drug lord. We meet AMELIE NICOLAI, a 21 year-old, female assassin, who has a love for flamboyance, killing, and has flashbacks of a former life she can’t remember. We also meet ANDREW THEBES, a 23 year-old, male assassin, who looks like an average guy, is very methodical when working, and tries not to attract any unwanted attention. When Andrew bursts into Monsieur McGee’s office, to find Amelie with a gun to the hit’s head. Both fire at same time. The two later reconvene to discuss who hired them and why. Once they decide to carefully monitor their jobs for any more encounters, they keep bumping into each other over the next few months. The more Amelie runs into Andrew, the more visions she has. Curious, but suspecting Andrew is working for the enemy, Amelie decides to get rid of him and use his information to track the mystery client. Her attempt fails, but Andrew offers her companionship and she accepts. After thoroughly checking each other’s background, they decided to live at Amelie’s estate in southern France.
Since they teamed up, the only jobs the pair seems to be getting are always located near an estate Amelie owns. They become very suspicious of this pattern, each job becoming more dangerous, and bring them closer to the truth. During this time, Amelie’s visions intensify and she becomes paranoid again. One night she’s offered a solo mission in Paris and decides to keep the information to herself. Being very suspicious of the job, she goes to see for herself who she suspects the mystery client might be and to reclaim some of her past.
Meanwhile, back at the estate, Andrew is unaware that an intruder has broken into the compound. He is attacked and rendered unconscious.
Back in the warehouse, Amelie searches in vain but comes up with nothing but a note. After reading it, she has a horrible realization about Andrew and leaves immediately for home. On her way back, her memory comes flooding back.
As a child, Amelie was a nameless orphan living in the city of Prague. Scorned by society, she become very bitter. One day she had a chance encounter with a young baroness named Amelie who looked remarkably similar to the orphan. Being the around the same age, the two played together, but Amelie unknowingly flaunted her wealth. Seeing how loved and cared for the young baroness was, the orphan killed her in a fit of jealousy. The orphan than posed as “Amelie” and lived in luxury until she was 18.
On her 18th birthday, she inherited her family’s fortune and her pseudo-sibling but a contract out on her. The night her assassin arrived for her, Amelie woke up, questioned his payment, and offered to pay him double if he would train her to become like him. After a moment of uncharacteristic kindness, SIMON KRIEG took her up on her offer, and the two became a very successful pair. During their time together, they unknowingly killed Andrew’s parents, and caused him to become an assassin to seek revenge.
During Simon and Amelie’s time together, Amelie became increasingly paranoid that Simon will kill her. Even though they made a pact that they would never turn on each other, she still couldn’t shake the feeling. Eventually she poisoned him, but realized too late that murder was not on his agenda. Heartbroken, she blocked out all memory up to that point and continues her job solo.
Once Amelie arrives back at her estate, her memory is now fully restored. She knows exactly who is in her compound, but doesn’t know how he’s still alive. After searching the compound, she confronts Simon in the training room. Beside him lies an unconscious and poisoned Andrew. Simon decides that Amelie must fight him for the antidote to save Andrew’s life. After a long, drawn out battle and revealing that they killed Andrew’s parents, Amelie kills Simon, but he mortally wounds her. She crawls back towards Andrew’s body to administer the antidote and finds him awake. Andrew’s heard what was said about his parents’ death and kills Amelie.

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