Wednesday, May 31, 2006


AMELIE NICOLAI - 21 YO female assassin who, since childhood, loved animals due to her mistrust of humanity. She kills for sadistic pleasure, a sort of revenge on those to mistreated her as an orphan. During her civilian life, she posed as a wealthy russian baroness. She uses the money she earns to pay property taxes for her large amount of estates and for charity donations towards animal organizations.

ANDREW THEBES - 23 YO male assassin who turned to this profession after his mother and father were assassinated. He kills to fund his search for his parent's assassin and works in a very traditional manner. As the current lover of Amelie, he's the much more serious of the pair.

SIMON KRIEG - 25 YO male assassin who also happens to be Aemlie's ex-lover. Narcissistic and arrogant, he loves playing mind games, drinking, and spending money. Along with vengeance on Amelie, he also wants her inheritance.


Offers a more mature book for your more mature readers. Ever expanding readership means you'll need something for everyone.

Resembles "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" at first glance.

Can be an alternative to your other assassin-related comics (e.i. "Riding Shotgun," "Blood Sucker," etc.)

Drawn in manga style, which has been very popular the past few years.

Empowering to women; the main character AMELIE can (and does) take care of herself.

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