Friday, April 21, 2006

scripting magic!

Here's an example of my writing process for comics.


Page One

Panel 1 - Long Shot/ Low Angle of Jen Library exterior. We see part of the library sign, awning, and ground floor windows. SCAD students are studying inside.

Joel (offscreen): DAD!

Joel (offscreen): I'm hungry!

Panel 2 - Establishing Shot. Typical American tourist-family of four. George, the overweight father, is wearing a John Deer cap, fanny-pack, white, sweat stained tee-shirt that barely covers his gut, and shorts. Beatrix, the soccer mom, is wearing a mid-sleeved, scoped-neck shirt, Capri's, and clogs. Their two obnoxious, young sons are Kevin (11 YO,) and Joel (8 YO.) Kevin is blonde with choppy hair, clad in typical-preteen fashion: long shorts and layered tee-shirts with the phrase "BYTE ME" on the top. Joel has a constant grin and long, dark hair covered with a ratty beanie. He's wearing cargo shorts, layered shirts with a striped, oversized, long-sleeve one underneath, and a GAME-CUBE tee-shirt on top. They're standing at the cross-walk in front of the library entrance (East Broughton St. & Abercorn St.)

Beatrix: You boys just ate an hour ago!

Kevin and Joel: Aw, Mom!!

Panel 3 - Long Shot. We see a crowded Quizno's Sub Shop across the street. Customers are busy coming and going.

Kevin: Look, there's a Quizno's!

Kevin: Can we go in?

Panel 4 - Medium Shot. The family has crossed the street and is now standing in front of Quizno's doors. George is casually giving money to his excited sons. Beatrix is anxiously tugging on George's sleeve.

George: Here you go, boys!

Kevin: ALRIGHT!!


Panel 5 - Camera zooms in for CU of a concerned Beatrix.

Beatrix: But George-!

Page Two

Panel 1 - Long Shot/ Low Angle of the Lucas Theater further down Broughton street.

George: You know, Beatrix -

George: Let's just leave them be.

Panel 2 - Medium shot of the couple sitting on the bus-benches. George is relaxing, with his arms slung over the back of the bench and his legs stretched out in front of him. Beatrix is sitting close at his side, hands in her lap, fidgeting nervously.

George: They're young men now-

Panel 3 - Camera zooms in for CU of George's face, eyes closed, wearing an idiot's over-confident smirk.

George: And they have to learn their life lessons-

George: On their own!

Panel 4 - Establishing shot of the interior of a packed Quizno's. The boys are at the checkout counter and Megan, a young woman, is waiting on them. Joel is quietly stealing a bag of chips from the shelf in front of the counter. A long line snakes behind them.

Megan: That'll be $3.29..

Panel 5 - Close-up of a exhausted and cranky Megan. She has her short, blonde hair in pig-tails. She's clad in a turtle-neck, name-tag, and a short apron.

Megan: Would you like that toasted?

Panel 6 - Medium shot of Kevin yelling at a surprised and confused Megan. Joel is snickering beside Kevin with a big grin.

Kevin: My name is Inigo Montoya!

Megan: ..What?

Panel 7 - Long shot of the restaurant customers turning to see what all the commotion is about. Kevin is still facing the counter, shouting. His back to the viewer.


Page Three

Panel 1 - Cut outside for a medium shot of the parents still sitting on the bench. George is now stretching his arms out behind him, causing his short shirt to expose more of his gut. Beatrix is staring at the ground.

George: I did a damn good job with them,

George: If I do say so myself!

Panel 2 - Cut back inside Quizno's for Medium shot of Kevin, Megan, and Joel at the counter. Kevin is still shouting, Megan is trying to "shush" him, and Joel is trying to get Megan's attention by tugging her sleeve.

Kevin: MY NAME -

Megan: Hey man, calm down!

Joel: Hey lady!

Panel 3 - Close-up of a annoyed Megan plugging her ears with her fingers. Joel is talking excitedly and still pulling her shirt. Kevin is still screaming in the background.

Megan: Yeah, what?!

Joel: Hey lady!


Kevin (offscreen): IZZ-

Panel 4 - Medium shot of an aggravated Megan yelling at Joel, yanking her arm away. Joel doesn't seem phased at all. Kevin keeps screaming.

Megan: JEEZ, kid, WHAT?!

Kevin (offscreen): INNEE-

Panel 5 - Long Shot/ High Angle of Joel wearing a sly grin. He has his hands behind his back and is looking up at Megan innocently.

Joel: Is this food so good, it'll-

Panel 6 - Medium shot of the chaos. Kevin, still screaming, is behind Joel (in profile) who's smiling up at a very confused and angry Megan. Megan is leaning over the counter in desperation to understand what the hell is going on.

Joel: Make you wanna slap Santa?!

Megan: ..Huh?

Megan: What?

Kevin: GOOOO-

Page Four

Panel 1 - Close-up of a furious Megan's face. She's had enough and is about to snap.

Megan: Man, I dunno!

Kevin (offscreen): MONTOYA!!

Panel 2 - Medium shot of Megan screaming at the two boys. The people in line behind them look on in disbelief.

Megan: Jesus, shut-UP!!


Panel 3 - Medium shot of the boys walking away from the counter. Kevin is now calm and Joel is sticking his tongue out at a exasperated Megan. She's leaning even further over the counter, panting, and gripping the edge with both hands. Her manager has materialized behind her with his clipboard. He's clearing his throat.

Megan: OKAY?!!?

Manager: *AHEM*


Panel 4 - Medium shot of Megan (in profile) looking sheepishly at her outraged manager. He's holding out a piece of paper that conveniently says "PINK SLIP." He is not amused.

Megan: Aheheheh..

Megan: Eh...

Panel 5 - Cut outside to Long shot of the family walking past Quizno's, down Broughton street. George is between his two boys, with his arms over their shoulders. Their backs are to the viewer.

George: Yep, a damn good job!

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